† The mystery unknown now unfolds.

† Second Mission † {Don't listen to what I say, just see what I mean.}

[is in the Library, standing before one of the many long, tall shelves of books--the mystery section, if you're the type to pay attention to that sort of thing; in his hand is a rather thick book, open to somewhere roughly in the middle, and though he's looking at the page, Aya is not really seeing the words right now, lost in thought as he is...thoughts that have, unbeknownst to the red-haired assassin, formed a speech bubble over his head]

...Is she happy? Is she still safe? If she isn't...

[ooc: *pokes the comm--is it dead? =\ Can we eat it?*]
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*whoever you are, whether you thought you were free from the insanity of LSG or not, there is a metal claw gripping you tightly by the back of the neck and--SCHWOOP!--dragging you very rapidly across the blurring landscape to the familiar old Last Stop Gakuen cafeteria. ♥

there is a nice lunch laid out for you and the others to enjoy and the doors--oh, my--are unfortunately locked shut~*

[THAT'S RIGHT. MINGLE TIEMZ FOR EVERYONE~~ Come one, come all! LSG is welcoming you back for a visit!]

Between a fish tank and a hard place

[ on the third floor of the Dorm Building, in Room #38, one can find one very pensive-looking Suigetsu, pinning the not-too-shabby looking pirhana in the fish tank in front of him with an unreadable but still acute stare ]

You know... you deserve this a lot less than you're convinced you do.

[ sniff ]

Little turd, you.

[ Stanley, however, is decidedly not paying attention to Suigetsu in favor of longingly ogling the package of raw beef chuck that Suigetsu is holding in his hand ]

[[ ooc: Wild SUIGETSU appeared! 'Cause I miss this boy something fierce. Mingle mingle~]]
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*outside on the main campus ground, working hard to get a bunch of different colored and sized carp to hang from the flagpole. there seems to be one carp for each individual male on campus, and they are all designed to represent him... ours is black with what appear to be little tiny demon wings detailed on the sides by the fins.

they're pretty long, though, and there are a lot of them. we could really use some help.*

[LOL WHUT SLOWATUS. I forgot that today was Boy's Children's Day and that I wanted to do this. xD Come mingle, please! There are also snacks! :D]
I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

{.005} ...Anise in Wonderland? XD;


[all dressed up in a darling little frock, her hair down save for the bit of ribbon holding it back, you've all seen pictures I'm sure]

Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I suppose I should just be thankful I'm the proper size again. At least, I think I am, though perhaps I'm only the proper size for this place, and will be all the wrong size again soon. Or perhaps it's the places that are the wrong size for me? Well, either way, I should think it's very impolite for them to keep changing the size of things, and simply expecting me to match.

Now where did that White Rabbit get to? He seemed to know the way around...

...What am I talking about? And what am I wearing? This is so weird...

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What is this felony? How dare-- off with her head!

...what the hell?

Now now, she's not even here yet, no need to get upset~

Shut up! Stop following me around.

No can do, I'm just amused.

Tch. I'm going to skewer something. Leave me alone!

Ooops, scary scary. No need to shout. Watch so you don't take someones eye out~

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† The mystery unknown now unfolds.

† First Mission †


[is roaming around the main building, trying very hard to look casual and only partly succeeding. this likely has something to do with the sheathed katana held at his side, since it's hard to blend in most places when you're obviously carrying a sword]

[murmurs to himself, glancing at the handy-dandy LSG Guide he picked up down at the station]

...This is the main building. The office should be here.

[& keeps wandering~]
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flails // nonononono! sdhajk

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[Gakuen has now seen it fit to start forcing Mikoto into a dress whenever he's not wearing one. WHICH MEANS, the boy you just saw standing right in front of you now suddenly wears a dress. and it's not without a small moment of nakedness inbetween~


Aaaghk, I mean, this isn't-- that is-- not again-- why---!